More than a graphics playout. Powerful, multilayer, reliable and incredibly easy to use. Graphics handling the way you expect it.

Instant operation, always. You click on it, it does its job. Completely immerse yourself into your work. If you know how to drag and drop, you can use LiveBoard. It’s easy: just drag the contents and arrange them however you like it.

Advanced results in a new way. Express yourself. Turn your creativity into brilliant live graphics. Add motion templates, crawls, texts, pictures, video, audio, logic, data and more. They’ll blend together the way YOU want.

Get your data from everywhere. Connect your graphics objects such as texts, videos and pictures to a lot of different DataSources. XLS, XML, RSS, CSV, TXT, SQL, SMS, Facebook and Twitter, all included by default.

Scripting environment. You’ve got the power. Thanks to the built-in scripting facilities you can improve your workflow, simplify boring or complex operations, automate and create any kind of interaction between graphics contents.

TemplateActions™. Automate your happiness. Easily and quickly set a series of commands at any point of your timeline. Start the timer or run a media object at a specific frame of your graphics template. Now you can.

София EMSIEN-3