WASP3D CG is a complete character generator with many more features, functionalities and flexibility than traditional CG systems. The character generation process does not require a graphic artist for routine operations as user-friendly features like spell check, emoticons, and grammar check make it easy for the operator to accommodate last minute changes while going on-air. The WASP3D CG system offers design capabilities for creating 3D graphics and animation and can tightly integrate with newsroom, NLE and automation systems.

WASP3D CG utilizes the powerful WASP3D render engine to produce broadcast quality 3D text in real-time and supports Unicode fonts as well. Randomly used graphics templates (crawls, clocks, timers, in and out etc.) are built-in and can be triggered “on the fly” by entering data either manually or integrated with automated data feeds. The WASP3D CG system can be configured to control a dual channel output.


The WASP3D render engine combines the power of real-time output with unparalleled graphical versatility and extraordinary features. The Direct X™ based core of the WASP3D engine harnesses a vast array of advanced effects and technologies developed for the gaming industry and relays this to the quality of 3D Broadcast graphics. Complex physical phenomena such as Surface Reflections, Refraction, Shadows (Cast and Receive), Gravity, Wind, Deflection dynamics etc. that were only available in popular online systems and took hours to days to render out are now possible within a real-time environment. The WASP3D engine design is extremely powerful and efficient in handling 3D mesh data, be it primitive models created within the software itself or by importing from third party applications such as 3DS Max, Maya etc. and being able to handle highly detailed geometry complete with materials, lighting and texture mapping coordinate information in real-time.

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