A soaring and progressive conglomerate with undeniable passion True to the essence of its name, Communication-Asia encompasses individuals exchanging messages. We believe to communicate is the essence of humans. Communication is about being connect

The web portal ispositioned at the very heart of the Asian Communication Technology Industry. The portal covers industry news on the following essential and integrated sectors in the Asian world and beyond:

Proactively envisioned multimedia based expertise and cross-media growth strategies. Seamlessly visualize quality intellectual capital without superior collaboration and idea-sharing.

The group was founded and came in existence in 2004, and since then has created its repute in the Broadcast, Media &IT industry. The Group has consistently performed with precision, quality and excellence in the invigorating and diversified sectors, which embrace the exigent Broadcast System Integration under the banner of Max Media Network Pvt. Ltd. and Primus IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

The Communication-Asia Group, today, has an ambitious presence in the Satellite Television Online Streaming services and has bagged the acclaim of best Live-Streaming Company in India. The SmartStream Media Services Pvt. Ltd. has its own manufacturing of Video Streaming Encoders and Decoders and successfully streams Live-Television channels of more than 65 broadcasters in the country.

The inexorable entrepreneurial streak of the Group continues with the launch of Hometel TV Pvt. Ltd in the Media & Entertainment industry. Hometel TV is associated with the eminent personalities from the Content Production sector and has produced &directed many corporate films and television content.



Established in 2004,Max Mediawas conceived with the combined wisdom and efficacy of eminent advertising, media & broadcast professionals,Transmission Engineers, academicians, and corporate veterans.Readmore



Smart Stream Digital Media is a high volume, high efficiency webcasting service provider, unique in offering rapid customization for each of our clients’ needs. For the past decade as streaming reseller, our engineers. Readmore



Primus is a user experience (UX) design firm with a twist. With our groundbreaking User Experience Mapping (UEM) research process, we uncover the workflow, mental models, frequency and priority of tasks, common frustrations and desires of users. Readmore

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