Cloud computing

is among the leading disruptive trends and strategic technologies of this decade that offers a new IT delivery model. Several recent new developments have made security, risk management and governance in the Cloud more manageable, and hence opened up new avenues for enterprises that want to leverage the Cloud. Enterprises stand to derive a host of benefits from a smart and consistent Cloud strategy. Primus can help you along your transformation journey to Cloud enabled IT for addressing the challenges faced by you today, namely:

Reducing Capital Expenditure

Adjusting to fluctuations in demand for computing resources based on dynamic business conditions Rapidly setting up technology stacks for IT projects to be delivered in critical timelines Maximizing utilization of computing resources, reducing their management complexity, flexibly reusing computing resources across widely ranging needs of multiple projects We deliver end-to-end Cloud services from consulting, architecture, design, implementation to management-monitoring to help you throughout the lifecycle of your Cloud adoption initiative. We can extend your IT to a Cloud in public domain to satisfy your needs of Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), Application Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), or help to transform your data center into a private cloud for internal use, or implement and manage a hybrid cloud for you. We also deliver industry facing Cloud solutions. Our services enable you to gain several benefits:


is a service whereby one computer configured as an Internet server offers a part of, or its whole resources, for use in exchange for a certain rental fee. Thanks to this service, one or more users can use information, services or content located on this server using another computer called client. The client uses the Internet to connect with the server and displays the desired content to the user.


enabled websites also offer a faster order processing method as compared to the conventional brick and mortar model resulting in stronger sales revenue and reduced costs thereby increasing the overall profitability of your business.

 Using our expertise in the E-Commerce domain, we can provide you with highly scalable and effective B2B & B2C e-solutions. Whether you want to setup a shopping website for your customers or plan to introduce an online order processing system for your affiliates and partners, we have the right E-Commerce solutions for you to choose from. We provide for ecommerce solutions involving real-time tracking of transactions, e-tailing of products using a robust and scalable backend module, secure electronic transactions and the remote management of logistics, including the tracking of users, processes and information.

A typical ecommerce solution would provide for:
  • A visually appealing yet highly functional Customer Interface. 
  • A secure and robust Payment Gateway.
  • An easy to use Backend Management application.

Our development team follows a well planned and structured work flow methodology for every development. After studying your requirements we propose the most compatible ecommerce solution that fits into your current business model. We then work on the development of the proposed solution and deliver a high quality and easy to maintain ecommerce website that will increase customer traffic and add to your revenues.

Components of Ecommerce Store Design:
  • Shopping Cart.
  • Product Catalogue.
  • Product promotion, management and marketing features.
  • Administrative functionalities (product description, price displays, content management, order management, and so on).


Website Content Management (CMS) enables to build powerful online websites and keeps track of every piece of content on the website. Content can be simple text, photos, music, video, documents and more.

Website Content Management is flexible to use it as a platform to develop small information based content managed website to large portal. CMS are frequently used for storing, controlling, revising, and publishing documentation.

We are specialist in customizing open source Content Management Systems like Joomla, Drupal and mambo. Primus specializes in working with Forums and Blogs using phpbb, wordpress and vBulletin software

What CMS can do for your Business?

Quick access to business information and services Help businesses take better decisions from the information Enables website to give long lasting impact on the users’ mind Save overhead cost of website redesigning Decentralization of the maintenance


If your website visitors have to wait a long time for your site to load, at best you will bore them. At worst you will lose their business. Primus extensible storage mechanism enables you to mitigate these risks by integrating with a CDN. A content delivery network (CDN) is an interconnected system of computers on the Internet that provides web content rapidly to numerous users by duplicating the content on multiple servers and directing the content to users based on proximity. CDN technology is especially well suited to streaming audio and video programming.

  In this global market, our clients are located around the world, many having multiple locations in different cities, countries and even different continents. With CDN integration, our clients won’t have to worry about lag time when retrieving information based on where they are located. Designed specifically to accelerate today’s cutting edge websites and a web application, CDN delivers your content from the server in its hybrid cloud network that’s closest to your user’s location. So not only is the load on your infrastructure reduced but your user’s experience is dramatically enhanced. Upon activating CDN integration for a piece of data, your information is replicated to each of our Points of Presence (POPs). What does this mean to you?

Data Stored Closer to All of Your Locations –

Clients located in Singapore can access information from our Singapore PoP as opposed to waiting for a server overseas to be contacted.

Less Network Peaks and Surges

information is replicated in multiple locations, if the server located in the closest PoP is backed up with queries, your information will be retrieved from a different PoP, minimizing your wait time.

Improved Video Quality

Specific to our users offering streaming video, CDN Integration provides your user with the fastest stream possible. Combining a closer server location with the ability to download from an alternate server that has a minimal load to bear, your video will reach your users faster and will stream at the highest quality possible, all resulting in the best experience for your user. Ultimately these, and all, the benefits that come from CDN integration mean one thing – getting your information to you and your users in the quickest way possible.


“Focus on your business interests, not your IT infrastructure” is the mantra that we follow at Primus. We've paired the automation advantage of the Primus’ IT knowledge with expert planning and support to create Customized Application Development and Managed Hosting which is  as on-demand and flexible as your pace of operations. ERP software consists of many enterprise software modules that are individually purchased, based on what best meets the specific needs and technical capabilities of the organization. Each ERP module is focused on one area of business processes, such as product development or marketing. Some of the more common ERP modules include those for product planning, material purchasing, inventory control, distribution, accounting, marketing, finance and HR.

  Increasingly, global enterprises are struggling to navigate an ever-changing, complex environment. They must integrate new technologies and applications with limited resources. Improve how they store and manage data. Stay current on technology and security standards. And closely manage both project timelines and costs. Primus can help turn such challenges into a business advantage. Our Professional Services have helped some of the enterprises conquer the ever-present challenges associated with managing dispersed technologies and evolving business processes, maintaining consistent application performance, and providing secure access to information.  

We offer a modular portfolio of solutions spanning areas including application development, data center, business continuity, virtualization, storage, application infrastructure and performance, as well as cloud services all delivered by experts in areas including planning, design, and implementation. Designed for small to medium multi-faceted deployments, our Application Development and Managed Hosting provides state of the art technologies with 24/7 management of core services including database, security, monitoring and backup.  

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