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CommunicationAsia media content production team specializes in Pre-Production, Production and Post-Production. We have the most talented design and editorial staff in New Delhi, Mumbai and Dubai offices.

  • Live Lectures/Seminar Streaming
  • Multi-Location Campus Live Content Sharing
  • Virtual Content Library for Universities/Institutions
  • IPTV TV Live for Universities/Schools
  • Distance Education Content Sharing
  • Subject Video Presentations

About WeTel-TV

WeTel-TV is a 24x7 Live-IPTV platform on global educational news & current affairs. Wetel-TV is a Mumbai, India based IPTV, having its branch office in UAE.  

Founded in 2010, WeTel Media Centre is a non-profit organization created to promote educational awareness through WeTel-TV’s IPTV platform with an emphasis on educational documentary films, global educational news and current affairs. We view the need for humanity to meaningfully engage with its present education scenario has reached a tipping point. We support this advocacy by developing and maintaining a media content library for distribution to educational and public institutions, non-profits, businesses and individuals. Our perspective on education is not merely on educational qualifications, but also includes acquiring of information, perceiving of knowledge, conceiving ideas and implementing thoughts.  

Welcome to the future of education.

Students will be learning outside, armed with different devices, listening to a teacher of choice. Skills will not be assessed on paper but based on their performance in the field. What on earth are we talking about?

  Technology is advancing fast to the point where any question we ask can be answered almost perfectly in an instant. But what does this mean for the future of education? As we start to rely even more on computers to answer our questions, will we lose the ability to answer them ourselves? WeTel TV is an initiative to promote educational awareness through our Interactive TV channel.

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