IT & ITes

Primus is a user experience (UX) design firm with a twist. With our groundbreaking User Experience Mapping (UEM) research process, we uncover the workflow, mental models, frequency and priority of tasks, common frustrations and desires of users. Then, using modern development tools, we craft psychology-based websites mixing and merging the right brain and left brain fundamentals of web design and development. It’s no wonder that sites thus created are award winning and deliver engaging user experiences. 
In simple terms it all that means that the secret sauce behind our wildly popular websites is blending technological expertise and design flair with (guess what!) Behavioral Science!

And for those of you who love the tech jargon, we have deep experience with Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP (LAMP) as well as a wide variety of PHP-based libraries and tools. The ability to match up business requirements with practical open source technologies is at the heart of what we do.PHP is the flavor of the day and allows our programmers to take advantage of open source code, saving time and money for clients like you.

Our Solutions & Services:
  • IT& ITes Solutions & Services.
  • Storage Solutions
  • Network Integration & Design.
  • IT Hardware/Software sales.
  • Customized Solutions for Software Development.
  • Digitization & Conversion Services.

Primus IT Solutions is dedicated to providing our customers with solutions that incorporate the highest degree of reliability and performance. Our goal is to design and build out solutions using technologies that support current, as well as future applications. We adhere to the strictest of standards. Our solutions are engineered and designed to comply with current and future standards.

Our Storage Solutions for broadcasters, studios, cable providers, and Internet delivery networks.

Film Production:

Choosing a media editing platform is getting more complex. Workloads are growing, generating Big Data that needs to be stored and managed. Film studios still coping with silo storage are finding it unsustainable. If this sounds like your situation, it’s time to consolidate.

Broadcast and Cable

Hundreds of broadcast and cable enterprises – run their business operations on high-speed production, archive and delivery architectures based on our storage solutions.

Internet and Social Media Delivery
Video, music, photo, game, and social media sites are exploding with Big Data. To keep them from bursting at the seams, Internet and mobile media companies rely on our architect for infinitely scalable and immortal storage infrastructures.

Our expert staff of consultants assists clients with the planning, design, implementation, and operation of customized solutions. With over 7 years of experience, and a multi disciplined approach, we assist clients everyday with Automation services include Lighting controls, HVAC controls, Comfort controls, Intelligent Media Management, including Network Design and Infrastructure.


Network Design and Integration is the foundation service of Intelligent Automation. Our team can assist with designing new networks for your home, business or upgrading older networks to support the needs of today's demanding users. Some of the services we provide are Site Surveys, Network Assessments, Intelligent Media Management Readiness Assessments, Wireless Network Design, Integration as well as Structured Cabling deployments.

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