Point to Point Encoder

Product Profile point to point Encoder

This Encoder create a single H.264channel on your building, campus or metropolitan-area IP network from the output of various video devices.These include video cameras, DVD/ Btu ray players,digital signal systems,personal computers and even set top boxes for premium TV channels.
Encoder blades are available for both SD and HDMPEG4AVC encoding. It is equipped with the latest advances in video compression technology to deliver unsurpassed video quality at lowest bit rates, and low latency to achieve high image quality video and audio transmission,fullysupportedforH264VideoTransfers.

Main Application
SDI/HDSDI,Composite,HDMI,YPbPr,SVideo interfaces inputs encoding,both IP and two identical AS Id at a out puts.It also can be used to support IP TV,broadcast and video surveillance applications.
This Encoder has highly bandwidth efficient.
JPEG-4CBRencodingandnativeIPoutputmakeit possible to deliver exciting and competitive HD services to broadcast operators Digital TV and IPTV head end system Point to Point video and audio over IP Remote live Rebroadcasts and real time transmission Building,campus or metropolitan-area.


  • Advanced MPEG-4 AVC HP›L4, MP‹ ›L3 video compression.
  • ASIC technologies which offer broadcast video quality,generally video bit rate advised SD about 1.2mbps,720 pab out 2mbps,1080 iabout6mbpsforlo west bit rate HDNI 1.3ainterface.
  • Support the importation of SDI/HD-SDI, HDNI, CVBS, S-Video, YPbPrencoding Supports unicast and multicast IP out put UDP protocolas well as two identical ASI outputs.
  • Management via External SNNP and local front panel.
  • Supports resolution:1080ié›50/60Hz,
  • 720p‹› 50/60Hz, 4801,576I
  • Built-in time base correction and video pre- processing.
  • Easy-to-Use System Management Sampling Rates:48KHz
  • Auto detect the HDMI input of resolutions.
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